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Event : Tuesday Night 10 Round 11 Date : 16-June-2009
Photographer : Kevin Hosking [kev960@talktalk.net]

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4101.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4103.JPG
Richard Hart

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4118.JPG
karl weatherall

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4120.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4122.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4125_1.JPG
Just adjusting the specs for max aerodynamics.Martin
How rude Martin, by the way its your middle finger in the UKJoules

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4126_1.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4129.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4136.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4143.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4144_1.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4151.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4152.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4153_1.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4158.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4161.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4161_1.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4165.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4175_1.JPG
The General

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4180.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4183.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4194.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4196.JPG
12 year old - time: 29.52 harry stirk
12 year old - time: 29.52 harry stirk

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4197.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4203.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4205.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4205_1.JPG
anybody got shorter stem pleasebob mowat
anybody got shorter stem pleasebob mowat

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4208.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4210.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4217.JPG

Filename : TNT11/_MG_4219.JPG


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