“What is it?”
We designate two Strava segments in our local area, each month. All you have to do is to ride those segments; give them all that you’ve got; upload your ride to Strava as normal and then, at the end of the month / year we will find the fastest HCRC riders on those segments .
“Are there categories?”
The obvious categories are male/female, but if you feel that you have a particular claim, fastest junior/senior etc, then you are welcome to email to secretary@hinckleycrc.org and we’ll consider. (Categories such as “fastest rider called Pete, on a black bike”, are not allowed ;o)

Go and give it your best shot!
(And remember, If your friend manages to beat you – have another coffee and try it again ;o)

Note: Only current HCRC club members are considered, having joined “Hinckley CRC (Members only)” Strava club.

Image result for strava kom t shirt
Image result for strava kom t shirt