If you would like to try any of our clothing on for sizing then please contact Stu Pope on 07432 983602 or traveling1@sky.com and arrange a time.

Black Jersey S/S Full Zip £40.00S
“Flanders” Thermo Jersey£50.00L
“Flanders” Thermo Jersey£50.00M
“Flanders” Thermo Jersey£50.00S
“Flanders” Thermo Jersey£50.00XL
“Flanders” Thermo Jersey£50.00XXL
*NEW Scarf / Neck Tube£8.00One Size
*NEW. Armwarmers£20.00L /XL
*NEW. Armwarmers£20.00S/M
Bib Shorts ELITE Chamois£65.50L
Bib Shorts ELITE Chamois£65.50M
Bib Shorts ELITE Chamois£65.50S
Bib Shorts ELITE Chamois£65.50XL 
Bib Shorts with Evo chamois£30.00Small
Black Gilet£40.00L
Black Gilet £40.00M
Black Gilet£40.00S
Black Gilet£40.00XL
Black Gilet£40.00XXL
Black Gilet£40.00XXXL
Black Jersey S/S Full Zip£40.00L
Black Jersey S/S Full Zip£40.00M
Black Jersey S/S Full Zip£40.00XL
Black Jersey S/S Full Zip£40.00XXL
Black Jersey S/S Short Zip£36.50L
Black Jersey S/S Short Zip£36.50M
Black Jersey S/S Short Zip£36.50S
Black Jersey S/S Short Zip£36.50XL
Black Jersey S/S Short Zip£36.50XXL
Gilet Mesh Back£40.00L
Gilet Mesh Back£40.00M
Gilet Mesh Back£40.00S
Gilet Mesh Back£40.00XL
Gilet Mesh Back£40.00XS
Gilet Mesh Back£40.00XXL
Ladies Bib Shorts£65.00Size 2
Ladies Bib Shorts£65.00Size 3
Ladies Bib Shorts£65.00Size4
Ladies No Bib Shorts£55.004
Long Sleeve Race Jersey£42.00L
Long Sleeve Race Jersey£42.00M
Long Sleeve Race Jersey£42.00S
Race Jersey Short Sleeve full zip£40.00Large
Race Jersey Short Sleeve full zip£40.00Medium
Race Jersey Short Sleeve full zip£40.00Small
Race Jersey Short Sleeve full zip£40.00XL
Race Jersey Short Sleeve full zip£40.00XXL
Race Jersey Short Sleeve Short zip£36.50Large
Race Jersey Short Sleeve Short zip£36.50Medium
Race Jersey Short Sleeve Short zip£36.50Small
Race Jersey Short Sleeve Short zip£36.50XL
Race Jersey Short Sleeve Short zip£36.50XXL
Roubaix Bib Tights£30.00XL
Skin Suit Short Sleeve£76.50XL
Skinsuit Elite Chamois Pad£85.00L
Skinsuit Elite Chamois Pad£85.00M
Skinsuit Elite Chamois Pad£85.00S
Skinsuit Elite Chamois Pad£85.00XL
W&W Pro Softshell Jacket£105.004 (L)
Waterproof Velopac Musette£15.0035