Well, that’s another year of Tuesday Nights 10’s over with.  From MY RECORDS 18 HCRC members and 72 guest riders took part.

The fastest time overall was set by HCRC rider David Mead with a time of 19.51, David’s average time for 2022 was 20.32.     

Karen & Derek Lawlor set the fastest Tandem ride time for a HCRC Member of 28.26. Well done both.

From HCRC Oliver Searle, setting some very fast times, Derek Lawlor, David Mead and John Parks were all regular riders in 2022. 


From the guest riders Tim Hood of Team Bottrill set the fastest guest time of 21.09 and fastest female rider was April Tacey of Le Col Wahoo with a time of 22.21, fitting in rides between her racing commitments.

11 female riders set times in 2022 all guest rides with Sarah Soden of LFCC being a regular visitor and setting an average time for the year of 28.13. 

Regular guest riders taking part:- Adrian Kennedy, Ben MacKinson, Clare & Dean Tacey, Colin Parkinson,  D Warren,  Ed Tarelli, Ed Watson, Matt Finch,  Mick Wills, Mike Costello, Raj Solanki, Robert Gibbons, Sarah Soden and Simon Law.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the volunteers (Most weeks it’s the same faces) who gave up their time so that the events could take place and give me something to photograph. 

I hope everyone’s winter training goes well as you prepare for 2023. Alan

06.09.22 TNT

121.18Robert GibbonsRace Rapid
223.22Ed WatsonRATAE
323.23Dave BennettRATAE
424.17Oliver SearleHCRC
525.22Tom LundSSVC
625.27Abrian KennyTitan Tri
725.46Ralph MitchellHCRC
828.06John ParkesHCRC
928.14Mathew ScholesCov Tri
1029.17Natalie WilliamsonCov Tri
1130.35Cathy ScholesCov Tri
1231.33Stuart PopeHCRC
1332.42Elaine SynnottCov Tri
14DNSAlex WilliamsonCov Tri

30.08.22 TNT Results

121.22Carl ShawSpeedhub
221.26Robert GibbonsRace Rapid
322.34Michael CostelloRacehub
422.48Oli SearleHCRC
522.53Kurt HartwellHCRC
623.14Dave BennettRATAE
725.11Simon LawJewson
825.44Tom LundSSVC
926.17Neil EvansHCRC
1027.53John StrettonHCRC
1128.02John ParkesHCRC
1228.47Matt FinchLFCC
1328.54Tony DavisHCRC
1429.07Jane Hagley 1st FemaleRATAE
1529.26Derek & Karen LawlorHCRC
1630.24Cathy ScholesCov Tri
1731.59Elaine SynnottCov Tri
1832.12Raj SolankiLRMC

23.08.22 TNT Results

119.58David MeadHCRC
221.30Robert GibbonsRace Rapid
322.00Simon LawJewson
422.18Michael CostelloRacehub
522.35Kurt HartwellHCRC
623.04Oliver SearleHCRC
723.06Ed TarelliRace Hub
823.14Ed WadonRATAE
923.42Chris SprayRATAE
1025.38Tom LundSSVC
1125.58Johnathon ClarkeRATAE
1226.24Ralph MichellHCRC
1327.15Richard BambrookVECO
1427.29Sarah Soden 1st FemaleLFCC
1527.37Matt FinchLFCC
1627.44John ParkesHCRC
1728.07Tony DavisHCRC
1828.26Derek & Karen LawlorHCRC

16.08.22 TNT “A very wet night”

123.48Oliver SearleHCRC
225.37Ed WatsonRace Rapid
328.53Sarah SodenLFCC
429.31Tony DavisHCRC

09.08.22 TNT

120.04David MeadHCRC
221.36Carl ShawSpeedhub
321.51Ben MackinsonABR
422.20Michael CostelloRacehub
522.49Shane OwenSpeedhub
623.15Mike WheelerCov Tri
723.21Stu WrightQn Racing
823.35Ed TarelliRacehub
923.36Oliver SearleHCRC
1024.00Colin ParkinsonSWRC
1124.13David Lawrie1485 Tri
1224.52Dean TaceyLRC
1324.53Adrien KennedyTitan Tri
1424.59Jeremy SnoadCov Tri
1525.14Richard WatsonABR
1625.48Kevin SherryCov Tri
1726.18Neil EvansHCRC
1826.25Jared BenneyABR
1926.59Rich SearleHCRC
2027.31Raj JosanEnduro
2127.35Derek LawlorHCRC
2227.35John ParkesHCRC
2327.55Dave AbertonCov Tri
2427.55Matt FinchLFCC
2528.00Sarah Soden 1st FemaleLFCC
2629.24Raj SolankiLRMC
2432.04Ruth WilsonSpeedhub
28DNFDebbie CopperHCRC

02.08.22 TNT

121.38Robert GibbonsRace Rapid
223.03April Tacey 1st FemaleLeCol Wahoo
323.2Mick WillsLutterworth
423.42Ed TarelliRacehub
523.46Oliver SearleHCRC
624.25Colin ParkinsonSWRC
724.26Lewis CooperRAF Cycling
824.52Dean TaceyLRC
925.23Adrian KennedyTitan Tri
1027.4Sarah SodenLFCC
1129.04Raj SolankiLRMC
1229.24Matt Finch LFCC

26.07.22 TNT

119.51David MeadHCRC
222.14Robert GibonsRave Rapid
322.47April Tacey 1st FemaleLeCol Wahoo
422.49Mark WhiteMWC
523.34Mick WillLutterworth
623.34Steve LoraineLRT
723.34Leon O'ReganABR
824.11Colin ParkinsonSWRC
924.45Michael CostelloRacehub
1024.53Stuart HughesSpeedhub
1125.02John Tracy1485 Tri
1225.03Dean TaceyLRC
1325.55Thomas O'NeilLFCC
1426.14Richard WatsonABR
1527John ParkesHCRC
1627.14Jared BenneyABR
1727.27Steve TaylorSpeedhub
1829.08Raj SolankiLRMC