All members are requested to consider offering their services to marshal at least once each season.

As an added incentive, as well as doing your part for the club, everyone helping out on the evening gets a free ride on your next Tuesday 10 !

Rota organiser:

Signing On Help riders sign on.
Take their money and hand out numbers.
Write rider names in the “blue book” for the Recorder and on the large “Results sheet”.
Ensure the “Blue book” and post it notes are taken to the start prior to the first rider starting.
ResultsWrite the times on the large “Result sheet” as they come in.
Collect race numbers.
Usually the Signing On and Results duties are done by the same person, but you can always split it with a friend. If you engineer it right then you could both get to ride.
Turn MarshalCollect 2 large triangular “Cycle event” signs from HQ to put up at the turn island. A vehicle will be required to transport the signs therefore this role is unsuitable for a person attending on a bike.
Watch / direct the riders as they go around the turn.
Pusher-OffCollect 2 large triangular “Cycle event” signs from HQ to put up at Pesto island. Hold up riders at the start.6:15pm
Second WatchStart 1st rider away at 1 minute past the official start time.

Stand at the start and call riders to the start and give countdown warnings for: 30sec, 15sec, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO.
Recorder Sit with the timekeeper at the finish to record the race times in the “blue book”.
This job requires a little maths, but is pretty straightforward. Ask Mac for instructions.
Depending on who is doing the signing on, it may help if you write the names in the book.
Time KeeperThe timekeeper is responsible for recording the time of arrival at the finish.  He/She will work with the second watch.  1st rider away will be followed by the next rider 1 minute later.

Start 1st rider at 1 minute past the official start time.

Have sufficient time to get to finish point before 1st rider’s approach with the recorder.

If you fancy giving it a go then get in touch with Mac.

Marshal Rota

Below is our Marshal Rota. Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2023, we could not have done it without you.

DateStart TimeCourse CheckerUnlockerSigning OnTime KeeperRecorderTurn Marshall + SignPusher offSecond WatchSignage (Wolvey)Results BoardLocking up
09.05.2319:00Mark BStu PRob GibbonsEleanorMatt MannMark BMark BMatt MannEleanorMark B
16.05.2319:00Mark BMark BMark BEleanorDerekSimon LDerekEleanorDerekMark B
23.05.2319:00Mark BMark BNeil EMorganNeil EMatt MannGuyGuyGuyNeil ENeil E
30.05.2319:00Alan KAnn /AnnAnn KMatt MannSimon BAndy SGuyEthanGuyAnnAlan K
06.06.2319:00Alan KAlan KMacJohn StrettonNeil EBrianMatt MClare TaceyAnnMacAlan K
04.07.2319:00Mark BMark B WilliamGuyMacMatt MannMark BWilliamWilliamMac
18.07.2319:00Neil CoultasTim EllershawMac AdcockSimon LawMatt MannNeil EvansNeil Coultas
25.07.2319:00Neil CoultasEle MatherJoe MatherJohn StrettonGuy MellorTim EllershawNeil Coultas
01.08.2319:00Neil CoultasMark BMr BingleyMac AdcockRich SearleGuy MellorNeil Coultas
08.08.2319:00Neil CoultasEle MatherMac AdcockGuy MellorSimon BaxterDerek LNeil Coultas
15.08.2319:00Matt MannStu PopeMorganEle MatherMatt MannGuy MellorWilliam BingleyStu Pope
22.08.2319:00Guy MellorMorgan ReynoldsEthan MellorNeil EvansNeil CoultasMac AdcockMark & William Bingley
29.08.2319:00Neil CoultasMorgan ReynoldsMac AdcockMatt MannGuy MellorEle MatherNeil Coultas
05.09.2307:12Mark BAnn KMorgan ReynoldsNeil EvansWilliam BingleyTim EllershawMac AdcockAnn K
12.09.2307:12WilliamMorgan ReynoldsEle MatherGuy MellorNeil CoultasMac AdcockWilliam