All members are requested to consider offering their services to marshal at least once each season.

As an added incentive, as well as doing your part for the club, everyone helping out on the evening gets free tea and cake
and a free ride on your next Tuesday 10 !

Rota organizer: Mac Adcock

Signing OnHelp riders sign on.
Take their money and hand out numbers.
Write rider names in the “blue book” for the Recorder.*
Usually finished by 7pm
ResultsWrite the times on the big sheet as they come in.
Collect race numbers.
Usually the Signing On and Results duties are done by the same person, but you can always split it with a friend. If you engineer it right then you could both get to ride.
Turn MarshalCollect 2 large signs from HQ to put up at the turn island.
Watch / direct the riders as they go around the turn.
Pusher-OffHold up riders at the start.6:15pm
Second WatchStand at the start and say 3,2,1, Go…6:15pm
RecorderSit with the timekeeper at the finish to record the race times in the “blue book”.
This job requires a little maths, but is pretty straightforward. Ask Mac for instructions.
Depending on who is doing the signing on, it may help if you write the names in the book.
Time KeeperUsually done by Trevor Page, but occasionally we need to cover while Trev is on holiday.
If you fancy giving it a go then get in touch with Mac.

Marshal Rota

Below is our Marshal Rota. Please contact Mac Adcock via Facebook Messenger if you wish to volunteer.

DateTimeResult BoardSigning OnTurn MarshalRecorderPusher-OffSecond WatchTime KeeperTea & Cakes
11/06/1918:30Mac AdcockMac AdcockBrian WillsNicola AlexanderWayne HughesRoger ToweTrev Page