Chairman – Takes charge of committee meetings, keeps meetings in order and to time; produces meeting agendas;

Vice-chairman – As above when chairman is unable to attend meetings;

Club secretary – Records meeting minutes, produce bi-annual newsletter in collaboration with press secretary, named HCRC contact/liaison point for other organisations (BC/CTT/BDCA);

Membership secretary – Maintains membership database, manages renewals/new memberships;

Treasurer – Maintains club accounts, releases monies when appropriate, presents quarterly and annual accounts;

Press secretary – Liaises with local press regarding results/advertising club events, produce bi-annual newsletter in collaboration with secretary;

Clothing secretary – Manages orders and distribution of club clothing;

Equipment secretary – Maintains club equipment in good order i.e. events tent, gazebo, tea making equipment, signs, portaloo;

Claims secretary – Point of contact for riders making prize claims and allocate prizes, point of contact for return of trophies, manage trophy presentation prior to presentation evening (need only attend October/November committee meetings);

10s secretary – Responsible for matters relating to the club Tuesday evening 10s: such as posting dates to the CTT and the police, produce marshalling rota and informing those on the rota, ensure that 10s equipment is in order (signs, blue box, etc);

Vice 10s secretary – As above to assist with main secretary, produce 10s marshalling rota liaising with membership secretary;

Webmaster – Manages the club website, receive results and place them on the website;

Cyclo-cross/off-road secretary – Point of contact for off-road activities, looks out and publicises off-road events, off-road rides/training, etc;

Senior reps (4) – Point of contact for senior riders;

Junior reps (2) – Point of contact for young riders;

Delegates  Attends infrequent meetings to BC, CTT and BDCA, and provide feedback from these associations to the club.

(Last amended 12/1/15)