Hinckley Cycle Racing Club is a non profit sports club. The club is managed by an appointment committee whom adhere to the clubs constitution set out below. Should you have any questions about the club please feel free to contact us……..

  1. Name
    The name of the club shall be the Hinckley Cycle Racing Club.
  2. Purposes of the Club
    The purposes of the Club are to promote the sport of cycling in the Hinckley area and community participation in the same
  3. Management
    The entire control and management of the club shall be vested in a Committee consisting of officers and members elected at the club’s Annual General Meeting.
  4. Constitution of Committee
    The Management Committee shall consist of:-
  • Life President
  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Press Secretary
  • Development Secretary
  • Clothing Secretary
  • Claims Secretary
  • Cyclo-Cross Secretary
  • Tuesday Time Trial Secretary
  • Equipment Secretary
  • Junior Representatives
  • Senior Representatives
  • Representatives to be elected to affiliated local and national organisations.
  1. Annual General Meeting
    The AGM of the club shall be held on a date to be fixed by the Committee. This will normally be during the month of January. All club members must be given at least 21 days written notice of this meeting.
    A club member wishing an item to be included on the agenda should notify the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days before this meeting. The AGM shall decide on the level of membership fees and charges for the following year. All members shall receive an agenda in advance of this meeting.
    At this meeting a detailed statement of the affairs of the club shall be made by the Committee and other elected representatives. A financial statement, independently audited, for the year ending 31 December of the year of the AGM shall be presented by the Hon. Treasurer.
  2. Election of Committee and Other Representatives
    Committee members and other representatives for the following year shall be elected at the AGM.
    Nominations for the positions should be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary and signed by the proposer, seconder and nominee at least 7 days prior to the AGM. In the event of nominations not being received before the AGM, these positions will be filled by proposals etc. at the AGM, or, failing that, by the Committee, for the ensuing year.
  3. Extraordinary General Meetings
    The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting whenever it deems it necessary and must give all club members at least 21 days written notice of this meeting. If an individual club member wishes an Extraordinary General Meeting to be called, she/he may do so by giving notice to the Hon. Secretary, signed by himself/herself and 4 of her/his fellows.
  4. Alteration of Rules
    No rule of the club shall be repealed or altered and no new rules shall be made save by a majority of two thirds of the members present and voting at a general meeting.
  5. Quorums
    At general meetings of the club, 15 members shall form a quorum. At meetings of the Committee, 5 members shall form a quorum.
  6. Club President
    The club shall have an Honorary President, normally elected at the AGM.
  7. Membership
    Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non-discriminatory basis.


    • The Club may have different classes of membership and subscription on a non-discriminatory and fair basis. The Club will keep subscriptions at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participation.
    • The club shall have first claim members. Second claim members may be allowed to join the club at the Committee’s discretion.
    • Club membership shall run from the first day of January to the last day of December annually.
    • Any person joining the club after 1 September shall remain in valid membership until the last day of December of the following year. Any member not renewing her/his membership by 31 March shall be deemed to have resigned membership.
    • Members must pay their annual subscription before they can participate in any club event.
    • Any member wishing to resign membership to join another cycling club shall do so in writing to the Hon. Secretary.
    • The club committee may refuse membership or remove it only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute.
    • Members participate in all the club’s activities entirely at their own risk and without any liability to the club or members thereof.
  8. The Committee
    The Committee shall meet when it deems necessary.


    • No club member shall be eligible for election to the committee until he/she has completed at least one year’s membership.
    • Any Committee member who is absent from three successive Committee meetings, without giving satisfactory reason to the Chair or Hon. Secretary shall relinquish his/her seat.
    • The Committee shall have complete authority to:
    • conduct the business of the club in the manner which it thinks is most beneficial for its members.
    • appoint any successor to fill any vacant office during the current year, or to accept the services of any member they consider to be beneficial to the running of the club.
    • expel or otherwise deal with any member considered guilty of misconduct or of acting in any way detrimental to the interests of the club. (Any member disciplined by the Committee shall have the right to appeal to the Committee, at the next meeting of the Committee, stating in writing or verbally, the reason for their appeal against the Committee’s decision).
    • decide the outcome of all disputes not provided for in these rules.
  9. Property and Funds
    The property and funds of the club cannot be used for the direct or indirect private benefit of members other than as reasonably allowed by the Rules.
  10. Winding up the Club
    The members may vote to wind up the Club if not less than three quarters of those present and voting support that proposal at a properly convened general meeting.
  • The Committee will then be responsible for the orderly winding up of the Club’s affairs.
  • After settling all liabilities of the Club, the Committee shall dispose of the net assets remaining to one or more of the following:
    • To another Club with similar sports purposes which is a charity and/or
    • To another Club with similar sports purposes which is a registered Community Amateur Sports Club and/or
    • To the Club’s national governing body for use by them for related community sports.
  1. Interpretation of Rules
    Interpretation of all the Club Rules must be consistent with the statutory requirements for Community Amateur Sports Clubs as first provided for by the Finance Act 2002.
  1. Written Notice
    Any references to written notice in this constitution shall be considered as satisfied if sent to a member’s email address.

Following the 2010 AGM this constitution was formally adopted by committee members at a committee meeting held on 1 February 2010